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Welcome to New Life Health Centers

New Life Health Center 

Closed on 12/30/2017!

New Life's Web-Site Will Continue to Operate into 2018 for a few Months!

There are No Products in the Store as  

the Entire Inventory Was Sold!

The Store Interior is Empty and Being Prepared for the New Business to Occupy the Premises.  

New Life Health Center's 

Vintage Plexi-Glass Signs are Still 

Available for Purchase at:

22nd Street Antique Mall

5302 E. 22nd Street

520-514-5262, 10AM-5PM


New Life's Various Cash Registers are

 Available for Sale on Ebay!

Thank You. . . . .

 Loyal Customers & Patrons 

for 47 Amazing Years!!

After December 31st, 2017 (Business Related Purposes ONLY)

Contact Linda Burns, Owner/CEO 


6952 East Cicada Court, Tucson, AZ  85750-9628

Featured Stories
Even for Men at High Risk, Healthy Living May Help Prevent Colon Cancer
While it's well known that healthy living can lower the odds for colon cancer, a new study finds it's even true for men whose DNA puts them at high risk for the disease.

Highly Processed Foods Tied to Higher Cancer Risk
If you worry about ever getting cancer, you might want to pass on the processed foods at your supermarket.
Short as a Child, Stroke Risk as an Adult?
Researchers from Denmark are suggesting a potential -- and unusual -- risk factor for stroke: Being short as a kid.
New Life Health Centers-Business Offices Health Tips
Barbequing hazard
When barbequing meat, don’t let fat drip onto the heat source. Whenever fat drips onto a flame, heating element, or hot coals, chemicals called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are formed. They rise with the smoke and are deposited onto the surface of the food. These compounds are considered carcinogenic.

New Life Health Centers Says Thank-You!!!
We‘re here to serve you.  Have a question?  Just e-mail us at  Keep watching our site.  Enjoy Browsing!!
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