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In the late 1970‘s there were three health food stores in Tucson, Arizona.  Ms. Belle Drake was a clerk at one of those stores. I use to shop there and built a friendship with her over the years.  She was a wonderful woman and very patient when people would complain to her that the owner was not stocking the items they wanted to purchase, myself included.  I remember her telling me "Genezie, why don‘t you build your own health food store if you don‘t like this one?" and I told her that I would only do that "if she came along".  She told me that she would but "would only work for us for 20 years!".

New Life sought out a location and found 1200 square feet located at 4841 E. Speedway.  That was our first store and is now our largest store at just under 7,000 square feet.  We negotiated a lease, took all the money we had, constructed the store, and purchased as much merchandise as we could on very limited financial resources that we had.  There is no way we could do today what we did then.  In fact, the first cash register we had was a real clunker.  It weighed more than all of the staff put together.

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Meet Our Staff
Eugene A. Burns -- Welcome to New Life Health Centers Online, your one stop Internet based resource for Natural Food Products and Education.
New Life Health Centers was founded in 1970 by its owner Dr Eugene A. Burns. For thirty-four years it has been at the cutting edge of the Health Food industry, and has four locally placed Tucson Stores to help you live the healthiest life style possible. Stop by any of our New Life Health Centers and let our knowledgeable staff help you with your selections.
Store Policies / Services
Delivery and Mailing Services

New Life Health offers delivery services Monday-Wednesday-Friday anywhere in the city with a $50 order. Delivery fee is $7.50 within the city (fee outside of city limits is pro-rata.)

 We also offer mailing services anywhere in the 48 contiguous United States and only charge for postage!!

Store Policies / Procedures

100% refunds on new unopened returns w/receipts. Store credits are given on returns without receipts. No returns on Standard Process products.

 American Express-Discover-MasterCard & Visa credit/debit cards are accepted. EBT & QWEST food stamps are also accepted. A valid driver license and/or government picture ID must accompany personal checks.

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